Editster Privacy Policy

Thank you for using the site or service of Editster that will be further referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”. Your privacy policy is our responsibility and we are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy notice describes how Editster is going to protect your personal information related to our business and service, who can access it, and what you can do. By visiting or using our services, you are bound to agree to the terms and conditions related to the privacy policy. Editster never sold your information to any third party for advertising or earning by selling the data. It also describes your rights in respect to processing our personal data.

We may amend this privacy policy at any time, with or without any prior notice, so we recommend you to frequently check once before availing our services.

What information do we collect

We collect information about you when you provide it to us, when you use our Services, and when other sources provide it to us only for any legitimate purpose:

that you provide us:


Account Signup: When you sign up for Editster account, you select a User ID by providing your email id and password. Apart from this we collect and save your name, company name, address, and other related information about you.


Payment information: When you require a subscription, we collect information but do not store your credit card number, once you enter your credit card it is directly sent to our third-party payment provider. Our third-party payment providers and processors has the rights to collect and store your billing address and credit card information on our behalf. We might change our payment provider at any point of time. Your credit card will not visible to our employees and contractors. We do not have any right to alter your credit card number or billing address in any situation. You agree that our third-party payment may collect and store your billing address and credit card on your behalf. Our third-party provider guarantees to implement appropriate technical measures.


Testimonial: When you give us the authority to post testimonials regarding our products and services on the website, we may include your name and other related information about you in the testimonial. However, before posting the testimonial, you will be allowed to review and approve the testimonial before posting it.


Interaction on our website: We record, analyze, and use your interaction with us, which includes email id, telephone number, and chat conversation with our customer support professionals for increasing our customer experience.


Information you provide through our support channels: The information that you provide through our customer supports, submit information regarding the issue that you are facing in the form of documentation, screenshot, or information for resolving the issues.

that you provide us:


Information from a browser, electronic device, or server: When you visit our websites, we collect information that web browsers, mobile devices, and servers make available, IP address, browser type, language preference, time zone, date and time, operating system, mobile network information for understanding our customers better.


First-party cookies and tracking technologies: All the temporary and permanent cookies of our website are to identify the behavior of our services. We are allowed to embed unique identifiers in our downloadable products to track the behavior of our products. To track our visitor's device, website navigation, geographical information, user engagement, and other details. We make use of only the first-party cookies instead of third-party tracking technologies on our website.


From application logs and mobile analytics: We collect information while you use our products, services, or mobile application using the application logs and in-house usage analytics tools to better understand how we can improve our products. This information is all about the clicks, scrolls, features accessed, access time and frequency, performance chart, settings and configuration, user location, and devices.

we collect from third-party:


Referrals: If you have participated in a referral program, then in that case you may provide your name, email address, phone number, or any other personal information. To remove your information, you may contact us at our email id to take the information directly from our database.


From other digital social media sites: If you see our Editster post, comments, or any other information for marketing purposes and if you interact with them on our social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we may automatically collect publicly available information such as profile name, id, to connect with you to upgrade the performance of our product.

What do we do with the collected information?

How we use the information totally depends on which services you use, how you use them, and any particular preference you have.

improve your user experience:

With all the info you provide on our website is to provide the services you’ve requested. Also to create, and maintain your accounts, and keep track of any unauthorized activity on your accounts. All the info also helps us to have better communication with you about our updated products or services, your customer support requests, to get your feedback, and policy updates. With the above response we analyze the information and to understand our customers’ needs and to improve our website and services.

research and development:

We are always motivated to upgrade our services smarter, faster, and secure. We use the information and constructive feedback about how people use our services to troubleshoot, identify trends, usage, and behavior patterns to improve our overall services and develop new products, features, and technologies. We also use feedback and information to improve similar features.

promote and drive engagement:

We use all the important information to send promotional communications that may interest you by sending email and marketing clips. This information is for analytics and to maximize the benefits you receive out of our product. We will also send you to update about the new services, product offers, promotions, and program. However, you have control over whether you want to receive these communications.

legal rights:

We also collect this info on any legal basis. In case of any legal issue, we must demonstrate that we have another legal basis, such as our legitimate business interests. You are even allowed to decline to provide us with a little information either by not providing the information in the first place or by opting out later. You also have an option to disable cookies to prevent your browser from capturing any data, however in that case certain website features will not work properly. We only allow the access of your personal information to very few selected employees and contractors who have legitimate use of it. We make sure that if we are sharing your information with other parties they must appropriate security measures and a valid reason.

We store your personal information as long as it is required for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. When we no longer have a legitimate to process your information, we will delete, anonymize, or isolate your information, whichever is appropriate.

With whom do we share your personal data?

We do not sell your personal information to anyone whomsoever it is. We share your personal information only in the ways that are mentioned in the privacy policy.

and independent contractors:

The employees of Editster have the access to the personal information that is stored in the database. We request each of the employees follow the privacy policy.

service providers:

Sometimes, we may need to share the personal information with the third-party service providers with whom we associate such as marketing and advertising partners, payment partner, web analytics. The above-mentioned service providers are authorized to make use of our personal information only at a necessary point.


We share your name and contact information such as an address, email id, name, and phone number under the ICANN domain registration rules.


We may share your personal information with our authorized partners for delivering any information related to products that are downloaded by you. However, if you want you to have an option to discontinue work with the partner.


When you have an application developed using Editster's API, your name and email address will be directly shared with the developer of the application. We do not control the use of personal data by the developers.

How do we store and secure your information?

Storage and security: We make of all the industry-standard technical measures to secure your personal information. We take care of security very seriously. Editster has taken all the important measures and followed steps to implement appropriate administrative, technical safeguards to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to the information. However, no security system is completely secure and due to this internet nature, we cannot guarantee that during transmission via the internet, the information is completely secure. If you use your own server or storage center, then it is solely your responsibility to secure your data. Therefore, we recommend that data center users configure SSL for preventing any kind of security issue.

How to keep control of your information?

There are certain methods when it comes to keeping control of your information. Let's check out when and how the points mentioned below: We follow the principles of limitations to protect your data. Therefore, we only store your personal data for as long as it is required to accomplish the purpose of the product as long as the many storage periods required by the law. All your rights such as the right to access, rectification, cancellation, limitation of processing, data portability and to withdraw consent. We allow you to access your personal data stored any time you want. Also, we allow you to correct, edit, limit, or delete your personal data as per your request. If you ever come across that your personal data has been processed unlawfully, incorrectly, you can limit its processing by us. All our legal rights, correction, deletion, limitation of processing are respective to the data.

per your choice:

As a user, you have the right to request a copy of your personal information or request to delete your information or request in a structured, electronic format. Either by logging into the services or stop using the service once for all. Also, your request and choice may be limited: If you have made a request, which reveals information about someone else or if you request us to delete information which we are permitted to have by law. If you requested to share data with third parties if in case you have installed third-party apps, you need to contact those third-party service providers.

and update your information:

As a user, you have the ability to access and update information about yourself from within the services. You can any time update your profile information directly from your profile and change the content.

your account:

At any point in time, if you no longer wish to use services, you are allowed to deactivate your services account from the settings. If you have any issue doing that you can contact our support team to assist you. However, deleting the account will not delete your information.

your information:

You can delete certain information directly from the service such as profile information from the profile settings. However, there is certain information we may need to retain certain information to keep records.

from using our services:

In specific conditions, you can ask us to stop accessing your information if you think we don't have appropriate rights. If you have an inactive account, you can request us to delete your account. When you make such requests, we may need time to investigate and fulfill your request. If we are not whether we have the right to continue using your information, we will restrict any usage of your information. If you have an objection about your information shared with a third-party app, kindly disable the application.


As a user, you have the right to turn off your cookie control directly.

Not Track (DNT) features:

There are some browsers that have DNT features that have the capability to send signals to the website you visit. Our service does not respond to any DNT signals sent by the browser. Currently, there is standard law available to respond to such issues.

Information usage option

Choose the non-essential electronic communication: All the customers have the choice of receiving newsletters and notifications by tapping on the unsubscribe option. Even, in that case, you will continue to receive notices and transactional emails.

You can anytime disable browser cookies even before visiting websites. In such cases, you will not be allowed to access certain features of the websites. You are not bound to provide optional personal information such as your photo and other optional details. At any time you can delete or change your optional profile information.

Legal bases for processing EEA users

If you are someone in the European Economic Area (EEA), we collect and process information about you only where we have legal bases to do as per the EU laws. All the legal bases depend on the services you use and therefore we collect your information only in certain cases:

We provide the services, which include the services, customer support, personalized features, and security of the services.

For research and development, to market the products or services and protect our legal rights. You allow us to do only for a specific purpose or else we have to process your data to comply with a legal obligation.

If you have any consents related to us using your information, you have the sole right to restrict us from doing this further, but it will not affect any processing that has already taken place in the past. We make use of your information because both parties( user and Editster) have a legitimate interest to do so, however, you have the right to object to that though in that case, you will be restricted to not using the service any further.

Your Rights related to information

Editster undertakes to provide you with the rights no matter where you choose to reside.

Right to access: Access the personal information that we hold about you, which includes the source of information, purpose, and period of processing.
Right to rectification: Anytime you can update the information we hold about you and additional information about you in our database.
Right to erasure: Anytime you can request to delete your personal information in certain circumstances, such as when it is no longer necessary.
Right to restriction: You can restrict the use of certain information, only when you have objected to our use of data.
Right to data portability: Transfer your information to a third party in a structured manner.
Right to object: Any time you can object to the use of your information such as the use of your personal information only for direct marketing.
Right to complain: You can complain if you come across the inappropriate usage of your data. You may not have the right to access if there is no supervisory authority dealing with data protection in your country.


There are certain limitations to privacy and you are obliged to adhere. We have all the rights to disclose personal information if it is necessary for any kind of legal purpose, prevent fraud, enforce an agreement, or protect our user’s safety. If you have any concerns or queries about our privacy policy, you can any time get in touch with us for clarification.

Children’s privacy

Our service or products are not directed to children below the age of 16. Also, we do not encourage collecting personal data from children without receiving any parental consent. If anyone accessing the site is not under 16, please do not use or access the site at any time. If we come across to know that children have entered personal information without parental consent, we will immediately delete this information. Or else, if you come across anyone is accessing our visit below the age of 16 you may send us an alert message in the “Contact us”.

Modification of the privacy

We have all the rights to change the privacy policy at any point in time to make sure that it complies with current legal requirements or to update the recent changes that we make in our product. Check out our privacy policy periodically to stay updated.

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